A rare and deadly form of cancer.

A form of cancer that is almost always caused by previous exposure
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Asbestos became very popular in the late 19th century because of its fantastic qualities: not only does it absorb sound, but it is also very resistant to heat, fire and electricity. The combination of these useful qualities and its affordability meant it shot into popularity.

An example of crystallite asbestos

Asbestos1USGOV Your Business and Asbestos Management
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Asbestos has often used as building insulation, and has sometimes even been mixed with cement because of its great fire resistance. Today, asbestos is present in lots of buildings and there are many reasons that your business needs to be on top of its asbestos management.


As great as asbestos is, it is the UK’s number 1 cause of work related deaths, with approximately 4000 people dying from asbestos inhalation every year. The first recorded death from asbestos was in 1906.

Damaged or extremely old asbestos is very dangerous, and is thought to cause diseases such as Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer, both of which are nearly always fatal. Asbestos can also cause Asbestosis, which can also be fatal but is primarily severely debilitating. With such a potentially harmful element on site at your business it is easy to see why an asbestos management plan is essential.

Compliance to Asbestos Regulations

Asbestos regulations exist across the world and vary from country to country. The European Union has banned all production and use of asbestos, in order to limit the number of deaths from this dangerous substance.

Asbestos regulations in the UK require the business or building owner to have an asbestos management plan. They also require regular testing of known asbestos areas and if appropriate, the safe removal of ageing or damaged asbestos. They also require the work place to inform the employees should there be an asbestos issue in the building.

Surveys and Consultancy

One of the ways you can ensure you keep on top of asbestos management is by having a professional company such as Amicus Environmental carry out surveys at your business premises. These are particularly useful when having a building refurbished, or pre-demolition. The experts will be able to help you meet the asbestos regulations as well as making sure there is no current asbestos danger in your business’s building.

Asbestos consultancy will also help your business with asbestos management. Advice from a professional will enable you to work out the best asbestos management plan possible. With all their experience, it’s highly recommended to seek professional asbestos consultancy.

Asbestos fibres

Asbestos fibres Your Business and Asbestos Management
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Inspection and Re-Inspection

You may also choose to have regular inspections and re-inspections. This is another simple and easy way to ensure that you keep on top of asbestos management and you keep your employees as safe as possible.

Asbestos inspections aren’t overly expensive and inspectors are trained to the highest standard, so you know it will be worth the money. If they do find asbestos in your building you can get re-inspections as often as you like to ensure it doesn’t become damaged or dangerous.


Asbestos is everywhere, and it’s essential that you ensure your business is covered by having an asbestos management plan. There are many professional companies whom you can work with on your business’s asbestos management, so what are you waiting for? Start planning today!


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